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Wench Wars: Lockdown Playlist

1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a WENCH WAR!!!
Yes, you read right, the long-awaited battle of the wenches has finally returned!! Whilst both myself and Carrie have been in regular contact since our first disagreement, we regrettably have lacked the time (and, in my case at least, the inspiration) to continue our feud... that is, until now!

It may have taken a global pandemic to whip our arses into gear but here we are, throwing down the gauntlets once again for round two. So prepare for...

Top 5 Lockdown Songs!

5. We'll Meet Again - Khalysis (2020)
So I thought I'd kick things off with the most recent of my top 5 - and by "most recent", I mean it was literally released last week as a VE Day tribute (lest we forget). Whilst Dame Vera Lynn will always be a National treasure, I thought I'd bring her amazing words into the 21st century with this modern remix. The lyrics which helped many people through the trials of the Second World War still ring true in our current situation but the particular style of Khalysis is definitely a more modern one, bringing together our past and present - a real "wartime" club anthem to get your lockdown party started! I also can't help but love the wholesome music video that goes with it...

4. Busy - Olly Murs (2010)
Whilst everyone is confined to their houses, there have been some interesting hobbies and challenges making themselves known across the interwebs BUT I think, even more so than that, people have been getting very busy doing nothing, I know I have! That's not necessarily a bad thing either as Olly certainly gives this notion a real positive, feel-good vibe - maybe this lockdown is helping people to realise that it's ok to slow down and enjoy doing nothing from time to time? So the next time someone asks you what you've been up to during lockdown and you find yourself stuck for words, just send them this song and our cheeky chappy Essex lad will explain the rest!

3. Beautiful Day - Joshua Radin (2013)
With all the sadness and loss brought about by this pandemic, I think it's important that we appreciate the good in all this bad, and I think this is just the song to help people do just that. Again, it's about slowing down, 'brushing the dust off your soul', and getting back to a place of calm. I've seen this lockdown bring with it an amazing change of perspective in many people; a new appreciation of both the great outdoors and each other. So sit in the sun (safely and social distancing of course), close your eyes, and let this uplifting country sound take all your worries and stresses away for a while...

2. Anywhere Else But Here - Simple Plan (2011)
Although I've been trying to keep it positive up until this point, it's definitely not all rainbows and sunshine right now. Being stuck inside, not able to see loved ones etc..? It sucks, it sucks big time, and I know a lot of people are suffering mentally. But this song, for me at least, provides that little outlet of frustration and a bit of escapism, especially when you crank it up and belt it out!

1. I'll Be OK - McFly (2005)
Anyone who knows me well will know that McFly HAD to feature on this list somewhere (but were most likely to take the number one spot!). Whilst these boys make me feel better, regardless of the song, I do think this song in particular is one of the best in times like this. Everyone's situations are different at the moment - some are locked down with others, some are alone, some are still working in an unsettling and dangerous time because they have no other choice or because they're saving lives - but one thing is the same; we're not alone. Physically we might be but spiritually, emotionally, we are all in the same boat. And regardless of whether you're spending lockdown alone or surrounded by people, the one thing everyone can do is 'tell themselves "I'll be OK"' because,  when all is said and done, we will be, and I truly believe that... 

I hope you continue to enjoy my obviously-superior playlist!!

Look after yourselves everyone and stay safe x


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